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The Casino Marketing Group is the marketing arm for all Big B Online websites. Casino Marketing Group dot Com attends to the sale of all text based advertising whilst Casino Marketing Group dot Info looks after banner and box based advertising. Be sure to look at our pricing guide on the advertising page.

Who we list

No entity that has a poor market reputation will enjoy a listing on our sites. This market is pretty difficult as it is so if you represent Shady Casino then please don't contact us. We respect the rights of our visitors and want them to enjoy good clean casino action!
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Who we recommend

Although this website is not intended to market to the general public, some of you may have arrived on our website via a search engine query. We recommend a number of casinos and online bingo halls based on personal knowledge and trust. This trust has been gained with over 4 years of ongoing contact with each onlinecasinosuite, their staff, and even the owners. It definitely won't pay to try every casino out there. Some will go so far as to promise the earth and to then deliver garbage. You can always try and gauge a casinos' stability by its profile. With Golden Palace Casino for example, they have spent millions on branding and are thus not only serious about business, but they also have the money to deliver on promises. Feel free to visit our websites listed on the advertising page and to choose from our reviewed casinos. We also offer free games sites like a free slot machines casino where you can get a feel for online slots gambling before moving on to the real thing.

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Legal Gambling

The online casino world is governed by a multitude of laws, all of them different. Depending on your country of residence, online casino gambling could be legal or illegal and from this point of view, you definitely need to clarify your position with your local government agency. As regards the USA, the recent passing into law of the SAFE PORTS ACT saw online gambling transactions being made illegal. In regards to the UK Casino industry, online gambling is regulated and legal.

How secure is Online Gaming

The good news about internet security is that online fraud has been dropping in recent years, partly due to an increased consumer awareness of the tricks employed by fraudsters and partly thanks to the efforts of law enforcement organisations across the world. However, security is likely to be threatened further over the next four years and by 2015 experts predict that the cost to the economy will have experienced a real terms increase of around 18 per cent.

Security is a particularly significant bone of contention for anyone interested in online gaming at casino, poker and bingo sites. Large sums of cash change hands on these services and you will be handing over bank details if you want to make a deposit or withdraw your winnings. As such there is the potential for big losses to be made should your payment card details be stolen or your account compromised.

Of course the average online gamer will want to strive for security as much as possible and with modern gambling sites it is largely possible to play safely without putting your private financial information at risk. The first thing to do is check to see which sites are considered to be the most secure. This can be achieved in a number of ways, including consulting customer reviews and independent analysis of each to see whether your protection is assured or if there are any horror stories pertaining to a particular service. However, one of the easiest ways is to head to a site and look to see whether you are using it via a secure connection. This is usually represented by a padlock appearing somewhere in your browser window, usually near the address bar or on the bottom of the screen.

Sadly some scam sites have chosen to exploit this kind of association with security so always read the small print and do your research before signing up. Also be wary of sites which seem to have no strings attached offers which seem too good to be true, because a poorly made website that promises the world is probably going to be malicious.

The final thing you can do to keep yourself safe when gambling online is to play your cards close to your chest and never give away any personal details to other players. This may seem like obvious advice, but it is something which many forget during the camaraderie of online gaming. Passwords, usernames and anything else pertaining specifically to you can allow fraudsters to leverage your account and create havoc, so even if you are getting on well with people you should always be aware that cybercriminals are out there in search of your information.

Now in general the big, mainstream gambling sites offer good levels of security which should leave you happy to part with your payment card information safe in the knowledge that it will not be exploited. However, you should be aware that the way in which you play may affect your protection. For example, signing into a gambling or bingo service on a computer which is used by other members of the public is not sensible as any amount of tampering could have gone on without your knowledge. Additionally using a publically available Wi-Fi network is not the safest method, so always play securely.

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